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John Lloyd, Events Manager, Waterstones

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What Events Does Chris Do?

School visits, literary festivals, bookstore events, international tours and unique virtual visits (click here!) for schools around the world!

The Live Event

Chris is now performing two shows: BODYGUARD and SAMURAI. These highly popular events enthuse even the most reluctant pupil to read!

In his BODYGUARD show...

  • Join Chris on his mission to become a qualified bodyguard
  • Participate in an interactive reading to protect the President's daughter
  • Be introduced to Cooper’s Colour Code and stay alert to dangers
  • Learn anti-surveillance skills and how to spot if you’re being followed
  • Discover how to protect a VIP in a crowd
  • Train to be a bodyguard - learn about their secret defence techniques!
  • Test your reaction skills - have you got what it takes to be a bodyguard?

In his YOUNG SAMURAI show...

  • Discover the skills needed to become a young samurai at Samurai School;
  • Witness an authentic samurai sword display;
  • Listen and watch a dynamic all-kicking, all-punching book reading;
  • Explore Japan with a video tour from the author’s research trips
  • Test your ninja skills to the limit!

The Virtual Visit


Are you ready for the next generation of author visits? Want the experience of an English author ‘virtually’ in your classroom? Specifically tailored virtual visits for American and International schools - click here for more information.

Health & Safety

Occasionally, schools and event organisers are concerned about the H&S issues surrounding a samurai sword display and require clarification for their insurance. For Health & Safety questions regarding the samurai sword - click here


Check out some of the  feedback and comments from schools, libraries and event organisers who have held Chris Bradford author events - Feedback.

For a Young Samurai event slideshow, click here.

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