Health and Safety

Occasionally, schools and event organisers are concerned about the H&S issues surrounding a samurai sword display and require clarification for their insurance.

  1. All displays are strictly controlled and no weapons are used by or with students.
  2. The techniques demonstrated are suitable for the age range.
  3. Chris is a graded black belt martial artist with over 20 years experience.
  4. A performance area of 5m by 5m, with a 2m ceiling clearance is required.
  5. Verbal warnings are given throughout the event.
  6. School staff must supervise all sessions and be responsible for discipline.
  7. The samurai sword remains with the author at all times.
  8. The author is covered by £5 million public liability insurance.

H&S for the BODYGUARD events: 

  1. The self-defence techniques demonstrated are suitable for the age range.
  2. All participants are given clear safety instructions.
  3. Relevant health checks are made prior to any martial arts demonstration.
  4. For the 'One Inch Push', a protective pad is used and two standard gym mats are requested in the rare occurence that the participant falls over.
  5. Any techniques are demonstrated at less than a third power.
  6. Participants in the 'bulletcatcher test' are required to wear safety glasses as provided by the author.

Risk Assessment

Click here to download a completed risk assessment.

Public Liability Insurance

Furthermore, I am covered for any author related activities and demonstrations up to £5million. I also have an additional £1million personal accident and member-to-member cover from my Iaido club under the Federation of Iai Schools via TL Risk Solutions.

My public liability is with Max Piper at Blake Insurance Services, 46 & 48 North St, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3PN. Tel: 01278 453345. email:

The Law & Samurai Swords

Regarding the law in relation to samurai swords, please visit the below government website which clarifies the allowable use of samurai swords for historical re-enactments and sport purposes:

Logistical Requirements

Projector, screen and speakers into which a Mac laptop can be connected.
(VGA connector provided)

Ideally a head or body mic for sound

Performance area for Samurai Sword Display: 13 feet by 16 feet with a ceiling clearance of at least 7 feet. This is a guide - most halls have more that this space given over to the staging areas.

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