Record Deals OUTLOUD

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OutLoud are a series of easy-to-understand, light-hearted practical speed-reads that explain what every musician needs to know about the music industry.

OutLoud is targeted at musicians between the ages of 12 and 21 years who require immediate and accessible information in an appealing, cool and practical format.

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Each title in the series is guided by a different cartoon character and features a Head Honcho foreword from a top music industry professional...

  • Record Deals Head Honcho is Nick Raphael, MD of Sony Records
  • Music Publishing OutLoud Head Honcho is Rak Sanghvi, MD of Sony Publishing
  • Artist Management OutLoud Head Honcho is Rob Holden, manager of David Gray


  • ‘These little books are packed with the basic stuff you need to know...just add some talent and you should be on your way without getting ripped off!!’ – Steve Levine, Music Producer

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