Virtual Author Visit Fee

Visits are charged at $150 per session (international) and £150+vat (UK) - all classroom materials, activities, video resources and the virtual visit are included within this cost.



In order to make Trans-Atlantic payments easier, payments can be made via Paypal. Alternatively, an invoice can be provided with international transfer payment details or a check sent (bank charge fees may apply). For UK schools an invoice will be supplied.

Ordering Books - 40% discount!*

For students to truly benefit from the Virtual Author Visit - and to encourage students to read - it is recommended that a classroom set of Bodyguard: Recruit is acquired before the visit. US schools can obtain a 40% discount by calling 1-800-733-3000. For order info, see the Philomel Order Form.

For UK schools, a classroom set of books can be supplied direct at a discount at time of booking.

*40% applies to US only

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