What Happens?


Virtual Author Visit

The visit is conducted entirely online. Classroom support materials are provided in advance and supplemented by online videos and readings. The highlight is the author-to-student presentation and interview that takes place via Skype.


Session Format

# 1 Briefing

Video trailer and introduction to Bodyguard series

# 2 Challenge

"Are you born to be a bodyguard?” test for students

# 3 Mission

Online audio reading of extract from Bodyguard: Recruit

# 4 Connect

Author Training: short talk on my life as an author, black belt martial artist and the training I undertook to become a qualified bodyguard. Followed by author interview: Q&A with selected students via Skype.

# 5 Operation File

Online training sessions for the students: Discover more about bodyguards, watch videos and learn about their skills, as well as a bonus author video reading.

# 6 Debrief

Post-Event Activities:  Follow-up classroom worksheet with quizzes, writing tasks and research projects related to the book. Links to author’s social media and option to purchase copies of the books.


A session lasts between 45 - 60 minutes, but can be shortened to 30 mins if required. The Skype presentation and interview lasts approx 30 minutes depending upon requirements. 

Before the visit

Here’s what you can do to ensure a successful Virtual Author Visit and get your students fired up about the books and reading:

1. Read an extract or two from Bodyguard: Recruit or Hostage.

2. Visit my website - www.chrisbradford.co.uk

3. Ask students to preapre questions in advance.

4. Use the Virtual Visit website link you are sent to prepare the class for Skype visit.

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