9: The Return of the Warrior

Warror Return image

The long-awaited concluding and standalone novel to this epic series…

A stranger in his own land…

Jack Fletcher has strived against all the odds to become a samurai warrior. He has overcome his fears to learn the art of the ninja. He has fought his way across Japan to reach Nagasaki. He has battled the high seas to sail around the world. All with one purpose at heart: to return home and be reunited with his sister Jess, his only remaining family.

But when he sets foot on English soil, he feels further from home than ever before…

Following on from The Ring of Sky, this final adventure will chart Jack Fletcher’s return to pre-civil war England and his quest to find his missing sister with the help of samurai girl Akiko and warrior monk Yori.


Chris Bradford says: "The legions of Young Samurai fans around the world are sounding the biggest battle cry at this ninja-tastic news! I promise this final epic chapter will be as sharp as a samurai sword and as deadly as a ninja assassin. You’ll cut yourself reading it!”

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