Animal Detective Agents

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A detective adventure for younger readers!

A poisoned mouse. No witnesses. No weapon. No footprints. With the evidence pointing to one suspect, Sly is eager to solve her first case and make an arrest before time runs out for poor Molly. 

But for Detective Snooper something doesn’t quite add up …

This mystery story is illustrated by award-winning illustrator Sarah Horne (of Charlie Changes Into A Chicken fame).

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STORY ORIGIN: Chris Bradford’s cat once caught an adder and left it under the sideboard in the lounge. Thankfully the snake was released without anyone getting hurt, but Chris was bitten by the idea of animal detectives tracking down and arresting criminal critters. He first considered his cat in the lead role before being inspired by the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Columbo and Inspector Clouseau to create Snooper the Hedgehog and Sly the Squirrel for his new book, The Case of the Adder that Didn’t Add Up.


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