Event feedback

Below are some feedback and comments from schools, libraries and event organisers who have held Chris Bradford author events:

"I've been booking author visits for 20 years and I have to say that this was definitely one of the best.” Lord Grey School, Isabella Coles, Librarian

“Your show was wonderful, one of the best I’ve ever hosted and I’ve been hosting 3 author visits per year for the last 13 years.  It would be great to have you back again in the future.”

Brighton College Prep School, Sherie New, Librarian

‘Thanks again for an amazing event.  Kids are still buzzing and many of the  staff were very impressed both with the content of your presentation and your ability to communicate your obvious passion for the subject.  I think "respect" is going to be a mantra around here for a while.’

Sir William Borlase Grammar (Secondary) School in Marlow (Year 7 and 8), Lee Mumbray-Williams, Head Librarian

‘Thank you so much for coming in - the children absolutely loved it. They are all enjoying the book - each afternoon following lunch there are lots of Young Samurai covers staring back at me and the children are completely into the book! We'd love to see you again, for your next book’

Holy Trinity Primary School in Guildford (Year 5 and 6), Rebecca Anderson, Head of Year 6

Rokeby School

‘When I heard that Chris Bradford was to be visiting my school, Elliott, I thought it would be a boring author, talking about his book for an hour.  I was wrong. He made the book sound exciting; as he was reading it a chapter for us he acted it out with his Samurai sword.  He even talked me into buying a copy at the end of the day.  It’s no wonder it is an award-winning series. I recommend his books to anyone.’

Archie – Year 8, Elliott School

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‘The feedback from the event has been very powerful and we are especially pleased at the number of parents who report their children are glued to the book and refusing television time, playtime, any time while they are absorbing the story. Many children took the book to school with them for quiet reading and for show and tell.’

Sensei Mary, Oxford School of Martial Arts

‘A roaring success!’ Alex, Waterstone’s Guildford

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‘I was a parent of one the “Team Taurus” yesterday watching the event at the North Wall and would like to drop you a quick line to say a very big “thank you” for inspiring our children in their martial arts. We found the event informative and dynamic...you really did make your book come to life.’

Hazel Murray, mother

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‘It was absolutely fantastic. Chris was so engaging. He really reached out to the kids, physically and mentally, as the martial arts really spoke to them.’

Frances Stott, Learning Resources Centre Manager, Larkmead School

‘Young Samurai is an inspiration not only to the students but also to us as teachers, reinforcing the universality of the tenets of martial arts: their relevance to all generations and cultures.’

Sensei Rob, OSMA

Renaissance Learning Recommendation:

‘This is the first book by Chris, one of our National Conference Speakers. My initial reaction was ‘OK, here we go, another action adventure for boys’, and then I started working on the quiz of the book and got totally sucked in. In fact, I went back and read it from cover to cover. Not on company time I might add! There are a number of things that make it stand out. The writing is 1st class, the plot is developed expertly and the characters are engaging. It is quite simply a cracking yarn. You're sucked in before you realise that you have to put in some effort to understand what's going on and are actually learning about another time and culture, as well. And, yes, it is an action adventure, but as much for girls as for boys. The hero has a feisty and fascinating female sidekick, and she is no wilting flower waiting to be rescued. She's in the thick of it all. I absolutely loved it and can't wait for Book 2.’

Cecelia Powell, Editor at Renaissance Learning

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