1: First Mission



Japan, 1580.

Taka's desperate to prove that he has what it takes to become a ninja.

He has failed the Grandmaster's test twice already.

But when the clan's scrolls are stolen by an enemy samurai he has a chance to prove himself.

NINJA audio sm

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Ninja illustration

Illustrated by award-winning manga artist, Sonia Leong (www.fyredrake.net)


  • Exciting and breathtaking’ – Teen Titles
  • The book was absolutely amazing. I love the suspense in this book. The kind of fighting in this book was realistic and really exciting.’ – Jyoti Kumar, reader aged 12
  • Fantastic! just what I was looking for to pass on to a reluctant reader. If this doesn't trigger an interest, I don't know what will.'  – S. Smith, father
  • I bought this as a gift for a reluctant reader I know, the book is designed to help readers who may have problems with reading ( dyslexia,& ADD ). He loved it and has reread it more than twice!’ – Instructor Steve, Martial Arts Teacher

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