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BOOK 1: The Way of the Warrior

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BOOK 2: The Way of the Sword

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BOOK 3: The Way of the Dragon

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BODYGUARD Teachers’ Guide

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'Are you born to be a Bodyguard?' Activity Sheet

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NINJA Teachers’ Guides

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GAMER Teachers’ Guides

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DIVE IN: A free guide to choosing children's books for reluctant readers and readers with dyslexia (from Dyslexia Action)

All my books are quizzed on the AR programme!

Teachers’ Review of Guide:

“Having read the book over the Summer I feel it is ideal as a class reader for our Year 7 students.  As there is an increased focus on texts from other cultures and traditions in the GCSE examinations, we attempt to prepare our students for this by including such texts throughout KS3 as well.   There are very many aspects explored in Young Samurai which lend themselves to discussion, enabling us to develop specific Speaking and Listening tasks for formal assessment, as well as numerous opportunities for analysis and as a springboard for creative writing. A really useful teachers’ guide.”

J. Clarkson, United Church Schools Trust

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