How Do I Book?

#1 CHOOSE your virtual visit…


SAMURAI                          BODYGUARD                           SOUL                                 GAMER 

#2 DECIDE on number of sessions (max recommended audience per session is up to 6 classes/1 year group)

  • Single session = £150+vat (UK) or $150 (International)
  • Double session (discount of £50) = £250+vat (UK) or $250 (International)
  • SPECIAL OFFERFREE Virtual Visit included with purchase of a class set of signed books
    Details:  Buy a set of 30* signed books with exclusive posters for £250 plus delivery and receive an inclusive virtual visit. This represents incredible value to your school (total package worth £400+). The books can be sold to pay for the visit, kept as class readers or given out as prizes. Pupils not only benefit from getting direct access to the author himself, they also get a signed book to encourage their reading! 

*25 books when purchasing The Soul Hunters due to increased retail price of £7.99


Please include the following:

  1. Contact name, email and telephone number
  2. Name of school and address
  3. Choice of Virtual Visit
  4. Choice of Session
  5. Proposed class/audience size
  6. Preferred dates/times for the Virtual Author Visit

I look forward to virtually meeting you soon - Stay Safe!

Chris Bradford

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