Who’s The Target?

The Bodyguard series provides a rich resource for engaging reading, topical discussion and creative writing exercises in your classroom.


Grade Level

Bodyguard is suitable for middle grade - boys and girls, since the books have both lead male and female characters (Connor and Charley).

Group Size

The number of students is limited only by their ability to see the screen. In general, Virtual Author Visits are most effective for single grade levels and audiences of around 20-50, but can accommodate up to 150.

Subject Areas

Bodyguard naturally forms part of an English course and creative writing, but has cross-curricular relevance to current affairs, technology, debate, geography, art, culture and sport.

The novels can promote discussion on the themes of friendship, self-defence and protecting others, adventure, loss, risk, choices, bullying, revenge, cultural differences, perseverance and hope.

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