What Happens?


Virtual Author Visit

  • The visit is conducted entirely online
  • A class set of signed books are provided in advance (UK only)
  • Classroom support materials are supplemented by online videos and readings
  • The highlight is the author presentation and interview that takes place via Zoom/Skype/Facetime

Session Format

# 1 Briefing

Video trailer and introduction to Bodyguard series

# 2 Mission

Online audio reading of extract from Bodyguard

# 3 Challenge

"Are you born to be a bodyguard?” test for students

# 4 Connect

Author Training: short talk on my life as an author, black belt martial artist and the training I undertook to become a qualified bodyguard. Followed by author interview: Q&A with selected students via Zoom, etc (preferred platform).

# 5 Operation File

Online training sessions for the students: Discover more about bodyguards, watch videos and learn about their skills, as well as a bonus author video reading.

# 6 Debrief

Post-Event Activities:  Follow-up classroom worksheet with quizzes, writing tasks and research projects related to the book. Links to author’s social media and option to purchase copies of the books.


A session lasts between 45 - 60 mins with online videos/activities, but can be adapted to any length required. 

The online presentation/interview is approx 30 minutes, depending upon requirements. 

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