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We all know how important reading is to a child’s development, but with all the immediate distractions in the modern world it can be difficult to engage young people in the activity of reading.

My answer is to ‘keep it real’ and show kids how books can live and breathe from the page! With Young Samurai, not only will they read a great action-adventure story, but they can experience Jack and Akiko’s world first hand by participating in martial arts, discussing & role-playing etiquette and language, designing their own kimono, eating sushi and even organising a Japanese festival!

Scheme of Work - 3 week phase

This Scheme of Work for the Young Samurai books was created by Lynn Sears, Local Authority Literacy Consultant, for the Southwark Reading Festival and is available for free. To download word doc, please click -

Phase 1: Young samurai-Phase 1.doc

Phase 2: Young samurai-Phase 2.doc

Phase 3: Young samurai-Phase 3.doc

Zone of Relevance print out: Zone of Relevance.doc

Mime card print outs: Mime Cards.doc

Additional Teaching Materials

Please find a selection of supportive teaching materials for your use:

Japan Map - Japanmap.pdf

Japan Map by Puffin - Japan map final.jpg

Explore Japan - explorejapan.pdf

Japan Now - japan now Z cards.pdf

Living In Japan - ks2livinginjapan.pdf

Japanese Numbers - basicnumber.doc

Japanese Festival Project Pack - Plan Your Own Matsuri (inc. making sushi) - plan your own matsuri.pdf

These materials are available at and

For basic Japanese lessons, visit

Internet Resources

These are just a few of the great websites that can give you information on Japan:

Young Samurai official website -

For videos on samurai, ninja, bushido, the author’s Japan trip and to read or listen to the prologue and first chapter of Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior. 

Japan 21 -

A UK charity which exclusively supports and encourages educational and grassroots activity relating to Japan. Provides many excellent teaching resources.

Kids Web Japan -

Superb website all about Japan for kids including videos, stories, activities, games and loads more. A fantastic ‘Explore Japan’ pdf and a ‘Japan Now’ pdf can be downloaded from this site (or from the events page at

Teaching Kids All About Japan -

A great resource and starting point for teachers and librarians with additional useful links to other websites on all aspects of Japan from history to culture to food.

Kung Fu Science 

Ever fancied yourself as Jackie Chan or Lucy Liu? Ever wondered how they break wood, concrete and bricks with their bare hands? Now you can learn everything there is to know about the ancient martial art of Kung Fu – including the science behind it – at the new multimedia website from the Institute of Physics. The website, aimed at boys and girls of 11 to 16 years, features prominent warnings for children not to try any of the moves at home.

Japan Times Online - 

Daily news and features on Japan from the most widely read English-language newspaper in Japan.

The Virtual Museum of Japanese Arts -

Excellent interactive tours around the many forms of Japanese art, from painting and sculpture to Karate and calligraphy.

Akemi Solloway Sensei –

Akemi Sensei is a lecturer of Japanese culture and the eldest daughter of an old samurai family. She provides highly recommended workshops, seminars and talks on Japan and its culture, including etiquette, kimono and the tea ceremony.

4 Kicks -

This website lists many excellent games that can be played in the dojo or in a school gymnasium. Look under ‘children’s drills’ section for ideas

The Ultimate Guide to calligraphy -

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