3: The Way of the Dragon

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June, 1613.


Japan is threatened with war and samurai are taking sides. As the blood begins to flow, Jack’s warrior training is put to the ultimate test.

His survival - and those of his friends - depends upon him mastering the Two Heavens, the secret sword technique of the legendary samurai Masamoto. But first Jack must recover his father’s prize possession from the deadly ninja Dragon Eye.

Can Jack defeat his ruthless enemy? Or will the ninja complete his mission to kill the young samurai…

Available in paperback, ebook and audio

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  • Red House Children’s Book Award - Pick of the Year 2011


  • ''An action packed book with death around every corner!’ – Melissa Doolan, Junior Proof Reader for Waterstones
  • Very exciting, very gripping; in fact I was reading it and totally missed my train stop, so it must have been good ....!’ – Caroline Horn, Children's Books Editor of the Bookseller
  • Young Samurai won't just delight its readers with tales of ninjas, swords and samurai, but will inspire them to actually get involved in the world of martial arts.’ – Steve Backshall, TV Presenter

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