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‘One of the most unparalleled book events of the year!’
– John Lloyd, Events Manager, Waterstones

Chris Bradford is renowned for his unique and dynamic performances that combine interactive readings, audio-visual material and thrilling martial arts displays.

These highly popular events are guaranteed to enthuse even the most reluctant pupil to read!

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What events does Chris offer?

For Primary and Prep schools, he offers:

  • JAKE & JEN – suitable for 5+ (Y1-Y3)
  • ANIMAL DETECTIVES – suitable for 7+ (Y3-Y4)
  • YOUNG SAMURAI/NINJA – suitable for 7+ (Y4-Y6)
  • LUNAR – suitable for 8+ (Y5-Y6)

For Secondary schools, he offers:

Where does Chris perform?

Chris appears at schools, literary festivals, bookstore events, international tours around the world! In fact, he performs almost anywhere – as well as offering virtual visits!

How long are the events?

For Secondary Schools:

Event Length: 1-2 hours approx

A full performance lasts 60 minutes, followed by 30 minutes or so for signing, and up to 20-30 minutes Q&A. The schedule can be adapted to accommodate lesson timetables with the event being reduced to 45mins and the Q&A element is flexible.

Event Frequency: 2 events per full day booking, plus an ‘Ask the Author Session (approx 30 mins)


For Primary Schools:

Event Length: 1-1.5 hours approx

A full performance lasts 30-60 minutes, depending upon year group. This is followed by 30 minutes or so for book signing, and up to 20 minutes Q&A. The schedule can be adapted to accommodate lesson timetables.

Event Frequency: 2-3 events per full day booking. This allows all year groups to be covered with the three different shows: Samurai, Animal Detectives and Jake and Jen

What do his events involve?

Chris offers a number of show based on his books.

In his BODYGUARD show:

An explosive event linked to his BODYGUARD series…

  • Join Chris on his mission to become a qualified bodyguard
  • Participate in an interactive reading to protect the President’s daughter
  • Be introduced to Cooper’s Colour Code and stay alert to dangers
  • Learn anti-surveillance skills and how to spot if you’re being followed
  • Discover how to protect a VIP in a crowd
  • Train to be a bodyguard – learn their secret defence techniques!
  • Test your reaction skills – have you got what it takes to be a bodyguard?

In his SAMURAI show:

In this highly popular show linked to the Samurai and NINJA series…

  • Discover the skills required to become a samurai warrior
  • Witness an authentic samurai sword display
  • Be spellbound by a dynamic all-kicking, all-punching book reading
  • Learn about the etiquettes of Japanese culture
  • Watch real young samurai in action
  • Be amazed by the martial arts techniques of blind fighting & the Death Touch
  • Test your ninja skills!

In his SOUL show:

A mind-blowing, intriguing event delving into the SOUL series…

  • Explore the concept of reincarnation
  • Participate in a high adrenaline reading
  • Challenge your soulful listening in a Soul Quiz
  • Discover those who claim to have lived before
  • Test whether you have past life skills!

In his Jake & Jen show:

Where will your imagination take you?

  • Join Jake and Jen as they become explorers, astronauts, dinosaur hunters and even ninjas!
  • Get involved in an interactive reading and enter the Tomb of Ice
  • Are you brave enough to take the Explorer Challenge?
  • Test your ninja stealth skills against the samurai lord.
  • Can you guess what Jake and Jen are really up to?

In his Animal Detectives show:

Are you ready to become an Animal Detective and help Snooper and Sly solve the crime?

  • Investigate “The Case of the Adder That Didn’t Add Up”
  • Learn how to spot suspects in a crowd
  • Test your detective observation skills in an interactive reading
  • Take the How sharp is your mind? Challenge
  • Interview the suspect author
  • Start your detective work now by clicking here


How much does an event cost?

Author fees are based on nature of event, number of events and travel and accommodation requirements.

School bookings are usually on a full or half day basis.

Please contact Julie for details of costs at

How do I book an event?

#1 Contact Julie Hancock at Authors Abroad ( on
01535 656015

#2 Email Julie at:

#3 Use contact form below on website


Genuinely one of the best speakers we have ever had in!

– S.Doran, Liverpool College


Hugely popular – and with very good reason.

– S.Murdoch, Fernhill School


So engaging, so positive and so entertaining!

– A.White, Salesian College

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