Jake and Jen

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The Phenomenal Phonics Series

Jake and Jen

Read and taught in 5000+ UK Primary Schools

Where will your imagination take you?

Join Jake and Jen as they become explorers, astronauts, dinosaur hunters and even ninjas!

This illustrated book series is inspired by the magic of a child’s imagination and how kids conjure up stories and worlds in which they play, interact and immerse themselves.

Illustrated by the legendary Korky Paul of Winnie the Witch fame!

Illustrations by award-winning artist Korky Paul



“Great stories and fab illustrations. My kids love the twist at the end of each adventure!”

– K. Rose, Amazon

Jake and Jen series

Choose Your Adventure!

#1 The Tomb of Ice

#1 The Tomb of Ice

A jungle adventure for younger readers!

Join Jake and Jen on an exciting adventure through a dense tropical jungle filled with fierce animals and many obstacles – or at least that’s where they think they are…

#2 The Sea of Sharks

#2 The Sea of Sharks

A sea voyage for younger readers!

Jake and Jen went on an exciting sailing trip across a stormy sea.

Did they manage to avoid the dangers in the waves and reach dry land?

#3 The Mission to Mars

#3 The Mission to Mars

A space journey for young explorers!

Jake and Jen took a dangerous mission to the planet Mars.

What did they find on teh surface adn did they survive their close encounter?

#4 The Balloon of Doom

#4 The Balloon of Doom

A safari tour for young adventurers!

Jake and Jen flew a hot-air balloon over Africa.

What animals did they spot and did they make a safe landing?

#5 The Castle of Kings

#5 The Castle of Kings

A medieval battle for young knights!

Jake is king of the castle. Jen is his brave fighter.

But when a giant attackes, can she defend her king?

#6 Lost Land of Dinosaurs

#6 Lost Land of Dinosaurs

A prehistoric adventure for dinosaurs lovers!

Jake and Jen crash down on a lost land full of dinosaurs.

Can they escape or will a Tyrannosaurus have them for dinner?

#7 Night of the Ninja

#7 Night of the Ninja

A black belt story for budding ninjas!

Jake and Jen must protect the Emperor's treasure from a ninja on a mission.

Can they keep the precious hoard safe, or will the ninja snatch it from under their noses?

#8 Curse of the Mummy

#8 Curse of the Mummy

A thrilling adventure for treasure hunters!

Jake and Jen are seeking the Crystal of Eternity.

Legend says it's hidden inside the Great Pyramid. Will they find the precious treasure, or will the mummy curse them forever?

Created for the DFE-validated phonics programme Little Wandle Letters and Sounds, Jake and Jen are core titles used by more than 5000 primary schools across the country to teach early reading.

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