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In a dangerous world, everyone needs protection. Since the best bodyguard is the one nobody notices, who would ever suspect a teenager of being a bodyguard?

Join Connor, Charley and the rest of Alpha squad in their mission to protect…


“James Bond, Jack Bauer and Alex Rider combined to bring us THE action packed thriller!”


Bodyguard series

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#1 Hostage

‘Bone-crunching action adventure’ – Financial Times

#1 Hostage

In a dangerous world, everyone needs protection. No one suspects that a teenager could protect someone – but Connor Reeves is no ordinary 14 year old. He’s a professional bodyguard trained in surveillance, anti-ambush techniques, hostage survival and unarmed combat. When he’s summoned to protect the President’s daughter, his protection skills face the ultimate test.

Alicia doesn’t want to be guarded. She just wants to have fun. With no clue that Connor is her bodyguard, she tries to escape the Secret Service and lead him astray. But unknown to her and Connor, a terrorist sleeper cell has been activated. Its mission: to take the President’s daughter HOSTAGE.

#2 Ransom

Shortlisted for Young Teen Fiction Book Award'

#2 Ransom

The best bodyguard is the one nobody notices. Teenage martial arts expert Connor Reeves isn't your typical bodyguard - that's why he's so good at his job.

For his new assignment Connor’s been posted to a luxury yacht. His mission: to protect the twin daughters of an Australian media-mogul. It’s a watertight operation, until the unthinkable happens.

Far out to sea, merciless pirates hijack the yacht and demand a multi-million dollar ransom. As the deadline looms the captors grow increasingly bloodthirsty. But there’s a flaw in their plan. They didn’t count on Connor Reeves being aboard…

#3 Ambush

‘Will wrestle you to the ground and leave you breathless!’ – Flipside

#3 Ambush

In Africa only the strong survive.

Connor’s mission: to protect an ambassador’s family on safari in Africa.

Considered the perfect assignment, the holiday turns to hell when their convoy is ambushed by gunmen. Fleeing through the bush, Connor and his assigned family become the prey in a shoot-to-kill hunt across the African plains.

As they fight for their survival, Connor realizes the gunmen are the least of their problems. For no amount of bodyguard training can prepare him for the wilds of Africa and one prowling hungry leopard…

#4 Target

'You’ll be riding a plot rollercoaster!' - Spinebreakers

#4 Target


Ash Wild is the most successful teen rockstar in history. Millions of fans adore him. But one fanatic wants him dead.

Surf champion and top bodyguard recruit Charley Hunter is assigned to protect the superstar on his sell-out US tour. But Ash isn’t pleased to discover his new bodyguard is a girl.

Faced with a growing number of death threats, several suspicious accidents and an unruly rockstar, Charley has her work cut out keeping Ash alive on the tour.

How will she spot a killer in a crowd of 50,000 screaming fans?

#5 Assassin

One of the best children's action thrillers’ – The Guardian Children's Books

#5 Assassin

Russia – the most dangerous place on earth to be a bodyguard. Teenage bodyguard Connor Reeves faces his deadliest assignment yet.

In a country governed by criminals, he must protect Feliks, the only son of Russian billionaire and politician, Viktor Malkov. Viktor wants to change Russia for the good of all its people. But the mafia have different plans and a contract is out for the billionaire’s life. With Feliks being the one chink in his father’s armour, Connor must join forces with his rival Jason to act as a bulletproof shield against blackmail, assassination and kidnapping.

This is the first mission Connor and Jason have worked together. And with a deadly assassin on the loose it could be their last…

#6 Fugitive

'A gripping page-turner you won't be able to put down’
– Red House

#6 Fugitive

Who protects the bodyguard when the bodyguard is the target?

After a mission goes tragically wrong, Connor Reeves returns in disgrace to Buddyguard HQ, only to find the covert facility has been attacked and his fellow recruits abducted.

Summoned urgently to China, Connor arrives in Shanghai to discover he’s the target for an assassination by Equilibrium, the clandestine organization that has plagued his life as a bodyguard.

As chances of rescuing his fellow bodyguards fade, Connor goes on the offence. With the odds stacked aginast him, he must face down Equilibrium once and for all!

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Bodyguard: Hostage

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Bodyguard: Ransom

Narrated by Simon Victor
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Bodyguard: Ambush

Narrated by Simon Victor
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Bodyguard: Target

Narrated by Katy Sobey
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Note: USA Editions are split into two books…



(Part I of UK Hostage)


(Part II of UK Hostage)


(Part I of UK Ransom)


(Part II of UK Ransom)


(Part I of UK Ambush)


(Part II of UK Ambush)


(Part I of UK Target)


(Part II of UK Target)

Book Awards

Brilliant Book Award 2014
Hampshire Book Award 2014
Spellbinding Book Award 2014
Sakura Medal 2015 (Japan)
All Japan Book Award 2015
Kalbacher Rattlesnake Award 2016 (Germany)
Scottish Book Trust Top Ten Book for Reluctant Readers 2016
USA Battle of the Books 2020 (shortlist)
HBA Champion of Champions Book Award 2023 (shortlist)
Plus 10 award nominations, inc. CILIP Carnegie Medal and Amazing Book Award 2014
“Breathtaking action… as real as it gets.”

– EOIN COLFER, Author of Artemis Fowl

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