Soul Hunters

Soul Book Cover

The Blockbuster Multi-Life series

Soul Hunters

Shortlisted for the Reading School Book Award

‘The Incarnates know who you are!’

His desperate voice chases me up the stairwell.

‘They won’t stop hunting you, Genna. Not now. Not ever!’

The genre-busting explosive series that has been described as ‘Terminator-in-reverse meets Lara Croft‘!


“A fantasy adventure like no other!”


Soul Hunters series

The Hunt Is On!

#1 The Soul Hunters

‘A fast-paced adventure with a thrilling plot’ – BookTrust

#1 The Soul Hunters

When Genna is attacked in a city park, a stranger rushes to her rescue. At first she believes it’s luck that their paths crossed. But a week later, the same boy saves her again and Genna realises this is no coincidence.

But the explanation offered by the boy, Phoenix, is even stranger than she could have imagined. A long-forgotten foe has tracked her across lifetimes . . . to lay claim to Genna's very soul.

As the hunters close in, Genna has no choice but to trust her mysterious protector. Suddenly she is swept into a deadly adventure, racing across time to save not only herself but the entire human race.

Because, for Genna, death is only the beginning...

#2 The Soul Prophecy

'Terrific, fast-paced action adventure’ – Alexandra Palace Children’s Book Award

#2 The Soul Prophecy

When tragedy strikes fr Genna Adams, the police put it down to a burglary gone wrong. But Genna knows the truth: the Soul Hunters are back and determined to destroy her.

Fleeing to America to seek out Phoenix, ther Soul Protector and the only one she believes can help her, she soon discovers a hidden network of Soul Warriors tasked with protecting First Ascendants like her, who safeguard the Light of Humanity.

But the Hunters are on her trail and it's only a matter of time before Genna must once more look to her past lives to survive...

How can she defeat Tanas when evil never dies?

#3 The Soul Survivor

‘Fantastic and a must read!’ – The Book Brothers

#3 The Soul Survivor

Genna has lost everything. Her home, her parents, and now her only safe sanctuary. Forced to flee Haven, she faces a difficult decision: hide and survive, or stand and fight?

Determined not to let Tanas win, Genna embarks on a desperate quest across continents to save the Light of Humanity. But can she and her friends complete their mission before Tanas and her Hunters catch up with them?

Time is running out. And the clues to their quest are few and far between. Genna can only hope her soul will survive long enough to save the world . . .

Or will eternity end?

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Book Awards

The Reading School Award 2021 (shortlist)
Reading Rampage Book Award 2022 (shortlist)
Amazing Book Awards 2022 (longlist)
Dudley Children’s Book Award 2022 (longlist)
Book of the Week (First News)
Author of the Month (LoveReading4Kids)
“Terrific, fast-paced action adventure with historical flashbacks. A story that doesn’t sit still.”

– Gill Ward, Alexandra Palace Children’s Book Award Judge

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