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Super readable – dyslexia friendly!

They say you can’t outrun a bullet, but what if you could stop one?

When Troy is caught up in a terrorist attack that takes the lives of his parents, he discovers an amazing power – bullets can’t harm him!

His special talent attracts the interest of a secret organisation called S.P.E.A.R. who recruit him into their ranks. There, Troy meets Kasia, a girl with her own remarkable talent, and the two must work together to protect the mayor’s daughter…



“As many bangs and explosions per page as the best comic adventure… a super-satisfying read for fans of Avengers and X-Men.’”

– LoveReading4Kids.co.uk

Bulletcatcher series

Choose Your Superpower!


Omnibus Edition


In a deadly terrorist attack, Troy is hot at point-blank range... but he survives. He has no idead until now that he's bulletproof

His special talent brings him to the attention of a secret organisation known as S.P.E.A.R. Recruited into their ranks, Troy discovers that he's not the only one with remarkable powers.

Together with other bulletcatchers, he is assigned to protect the mayor of Terminus City and his daughter. But the mayor has dangerous enemies, and with every new threat Troy's courage, strength and bulletproof prowers will be trested to their limit and beyond...

#1 Bulletcatcher

‘A bullet of a book! 5 Stars!’ – The Book Nook

#1 Bulletcatcher

Gunfire echoes through the mall…
A woman runs past, wide-eyed with terror…
A boy is shot at point-blank range...

But the boy survives the terrorist attack. In fact, he doesn’t even bleed. He is a bulletcatcher – somehow the bullets bounce off him.

Troy’s skills are rare – and soon SPEAR recruits him into its ranks to protect the rich and powerful. Demand is greater than ever as the terrorists scale up the violence. Can Troy and this unit of super-kids keep Terminus City safe?

#2 Sniper

'Fantastic opening to a book, one of the best ever!' - Teen Titles

#2 Sniper

A shot rings out…
A girl out shopping drops dead.
A town leader is the next victim.
Then a boy at a funfair...

A sniper is holding Terminus City hostage – and Troy and the SPEAR team must stop him. As the death toll rises, the hunt for the sniper becomes ever more frantic. But if justice is to be done, Troy must answer questions that challenge everything he believes.

#3 Blowback

'Fast-paced and enthralling' - Fantasy Book Review

#3 Blowback

A high-voltage beam sparks from Tricity’s fingers
Rocks hurtle through the air
Eagle Eye takes aim and guns down his target…

It’s Judgement Day in Terminus City and the body count is rising. Troy leaps into the line of fire for the Mayor and his daughter. But his skills are failing fast.

As The Judge seizes control, the fate of SPEAR hangs in the balance … Can Troy stop the madness before it’s too late?

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Perfect for reluctant readers, the books are also dyslexia friendly and enhanced by cool illustrations!

Book Awards

Quick Read Award 2017 – Winner

KSC Book Award 2020 – Winner
Bury Grammar Book Award 2020 (shortlist)

Dyslexia Friendly Book of the Year 2015

“The fast moving action will keep normally reluctant readers turning the pages.”

– School Librarian Magazine

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