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The Manga-Styled Series


Super readable – dyslexia friendly!

A young ninja on a deadly mission….

This NINJA trilogy is the ‘flipside’ to the Young Samurai series.

Perfect for younger or reluctant readers, the books are dyslexia friendly and enhanced by cool manga illustrations!

Illustrated by award-winning manga artist, Sonia Leong (


Illustrations by award-winning manga artist Sonia Leong


“A brilliantly exciting story which just the right amount of action to keep your little ninja engaged and enthralled.”

– Being A Mummy Blog

Ninja series

Are you a Ninja Reader?

#1 First Mission

‘Exciting and breathtaking’ – Teen Titles

#1 First Mission

Japan, 1580.

Taka's desperate to prove that he has what it takes to become a ninja.

He has failed the Grandmaster's test twice already.

But when the clan's scrolls are stolen by an enemy samurai he has a chance to prove himself.

#2 Death Touch

'Filled with intrigue and adventure' - BookTrust

#2 Death Touch

Japan, 1580

The samurai Lord Oda wants revenge. He's declared war on the ninja and plans to destroy them.

When his army marches on the ninja village, Taka must defend his home with his life.

But outnumbered ten to one, that is a sacrifice he may need to make if he wants to save his friends...

#3 Assassin

‘A thrilling story laced with violence’ – Julia Eccleshare

#3 Assassin

Japan, 1580

With his ninja clan on the run and his mother dead, Taka vows to find Lord Oda and bring him to justice.

But Taka’s training is not yet complete. Can he fulfill his destiny as an assassin?

Or will a dark secret prevent him from completing his deadly mission?

Listen up! EXCLUSIVE reading!

Perfect for reluctant readers, the books are also dyslexia friendly and enhanced by cool manga illustrations!

Book Awards

Selected for Booktrust’s School Library Pack 2013
(funded by the Department of Education and received by over 4000 UK schools)

“An action packed story of a young Ninja, with far more depth than one would expect, and dyslexia friendly as well.”

– the

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